Birch Consultants: connected impact

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Administrative, economic and social issues are often characterized by great complexity. Achieving results in this field requires experience, a fresh approach and strength of mind. With a hands-on mentality Birch Consultants builds effective linkages between governments, businesses and academia. That is how we help our customers to achieve their goals.

Our expertise: reaching results in a multi-stakeholder environment

Administrators, entrepreneurs and researchers need public and private partners to achieve their goals. On the intersection of the public and private domain, we help them to develop and implement joint programmes and business cases. That is how we create connected impact.

Our clients: governments, businesses and research institutions

  • We support governments and administrators in establishing economic development boards, developing public-private agendas and creating revolving funds and other financial instruments.
  • We assist sectors and clusters with strengthening their cooperation and with reaching competitive strategies.
  • We help companies and prospective entrepreneurs with building their businesses. If necessary, we are co-entrepreneurs. We assist in finding private investors, public funding and in making the connection to public policy.
  • We facilitate research institutions and researchers by designing and implementing their valorization strategies to create competitive spin-offs, startups and independent research centers.

Our team

Our people overlook the field and are pragmatic in achieving results. They assist governments, businesses and research institutions that are committed to sustainable innovation.



logo_referentie European comparative study on Dual Career facilities for Elite & Talented Athletes
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